This was a very good book and I was drawn in from the first paragraph. I read a lot of Historical Fiction, and it was exciting to read from the perspective someone who experienced it. One More Moon is told in 98 year old Elsa’s own words and wonderfully written by her grandson, Ralph Webster. It is a historical memoir of her life and her families days before and during the years of World War ll. When they move from Germany to Italy they are welcomed with wide open arms, but over the years, as the War worsens and the treatment of Jews escalates, they decide in order to keep them safe they need to send the children to family in American, and will follow later. But travel gets harder and countries start closing their doors to refuges. The story tells of love, strength, courage and the hardships one family endures in order to survived during World War ll. I was honored to read this story about Ralph Webster's Grandmother.